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Puedo El Ivera, Algo Mas

Mi Podria Tomar, Julio Hagar

DeJame Su Numero Dama

Lucilla! Lucilla!

Esto Es Un Seuana

Sus Labios, Afeitado

Cuanto más, avanzas

Se vuelve más empinado

Cuanto menos traigas

dar más lejos

Games Will Be Played

This last 8, seconds might land me, 

In front of, the big boss,


And there will be games

Games will get played

Just don’t, get, burned


Yellow Clouds

Went down a little more and I’ll show you there's a way to open,

Up this piece of memory and watch it all decay and I won’t,

Ever stop to question it because a sunny day

And now you know


Hey, where you think you’re running?

I guess it’s supposed to 

Rain down yellow clouds and I’m just giving you a good fair warning.




And you, you always were, the one to make me lie.

I wanted to live, just larger than life, and this you brought in me…. 

This belief….

And I don’t try

And I,

Tell Stories

And I,

Tell Stories

I know you find me, a little bit shady, like that boy Kevin Spacey,

We were so much younger, back then.

These lies we were saying, were lives we were chasing, but we wasted our time

A whole lot of patience, is what my family paid me, but they never said that they wasted, their time!

Break Rice Eat Strife

It cuts like fire, it leaves a mark,

and burned and blistered it all leaves a mark

Ooo he smells like whiskey, yeah like burning leaves,

he is breaking through the seams.

Push Once, Push Twice

The melted plastic, smoke silt sand,

a question asked before the fire began

How’s your memory, did you forget,

you just sit there like you give a shit. 



Go It On The Dollar

She wants the money because she wants to sue the doctor,

He left her helpless because her brain don’t work like she wants

How she has changed

Don’t think we’ll ever be the same

It's hard to tell you, it's tough to speak, with my eyes closed I'm shaking

You got the money, you control the house,

You’re not my aunt, you’re our boss now.

When were still young, on the porch you’d smoke I’d listen,

back when I was still naive

Before your love of money, way before you met charlie,

back when life was still so sweet

And I don’t believe, you could turn out like,

my grandfather Lori

I know the truth about you,

just hope your sister don’t too-oo-ooo.

I know the truth about you,

I’m sorry for what he did to you.



Sitting Rock

You’re sitting on a rock in the middle of the beach

You didn’t wear shoes, now you’ve fucked up your feet.

And you’re lost, but you don’t want to find

The reason surrounding people are smiling

When you’re sad

Just Look to the Sea

Life ain’t so bad

I don’t think you are, crazy

You’ve shut all your doors, you won’t let us in

Another sad sorry that we will forget

Please, Please, Please, look to the sea

I know that it always makes you happy.


Mason McCroskey - Guitar, Keys, Saxophone, Vocals

Laki Ah Hi - Guitar, Vocals

Nathan Golla - Bass, Vocals

Bill Wilcox - Drums, Vocals


Polaris Studios


Nathan Golla @ Khind of Records

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